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A Patriotic Recycling Option for America’s Crematories

What Sets Us Apart

Since it was founded in 2009, Alternative Solutions USA has

  • Generated over $1,000,000 for hundreds of charitable organizations across the US through recycling post-cremation metals.
  • Introduced recycling to hundreds of crematories nationwide and assisted them with updating Cremation Authorization Forms.
  • Educated the Death Care Industry on the Countless Benefits of recycling metals recovered after the cremation process.

We Are Pro-Business

Recycling introduces a unique opportunity for US crematories to generate funds that can be invested in countless great ideas. Our mission is to ensure crematories receive Maximum Funds for these metals and dispose of them at their sole discretion.

We Are Pro-Veterans

A “Verifiable Donation” will be made to our Hero Veterans on behalf of participating crematories for every shipment of metals received. We are helping countless crematories Maximize their recycling revenue and Give Back to our Veterans at the very same time. A Patriotic Solution worthy of your support!

We Are Pro-Environment

Metals remaining after cremation are fabricated from non-renewable natural resources, do not decompose with time and could become a source of contamination if stored or buried. Reycling ensures the availability & affordability of these metals for future generations. Recycling also significantly contributes to environmental sustainability.