Alternative Solutions USA embodies 4 key solutions that are relevant to recycling the left behind implants and prosthetics of our cremated loved ones and consistent with growing demands for ending the commercialization of recycling these valuable metals. The following solutions -- each being a cornerstone of our non-profit recycling operation -- are why Alternative Solutions USA is worthy of your trust and support:

Ethical Solution

The general consensus among decedent's family members, countless death-care industry professionals, and many state officials is that recycling the left behind implants of our cremated loved ones strictly for charitable purposes and not for private gain or corporate profit is the most ethical recycling solution for crematories nationwide.

These legitimate and well-founded wishes, suggestions, and recommendations are without a doubt in the best interest of all those involved in the cremation process.

Legal Solution

Recycling at the crematory is legal so long as it is disclosed to families in the "Cremation Authorization and Disposition Form". However, disclosing to families that the left behind implants and prosthetics of their cremated loved ones will be recycled could generate questions and concerns about profits generated through recycling.

The utilization of our highly trusted and respected non-profit recycling program, which ensures that ALL profits earned from recycling are donated to crematory/funeral home's charity of choice, is the best solution for the industry and it's certainly in the best interest of your business establishment.

Implants and prosthetics collected through our legal removal process are destroyed and re-melted before they are recycled to ensure that the end product will be unrecognizable and can never be re-used as a prosthetic. Upon request, Alternative Solutions USA will furnish a copy of "Certificate of Destruction" to program members.

Environmental Solution

Recycling, which is the cornerstone of environmental sustainability, has clearly become an accepted and embraced practice in our modern society. It is credited with extending the long-term availability of natural resources, reducing the impact of industrial production on the environment by reducing the need to extract and transport virgin resources, and conserving energy.

Implants recovered from cremated remains are considered heavy metals. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), heavy metals should be recycled because:

  1. They do not decompose with time.
  2. Take up finite land space permanently.
  3. They are fabricated from non-renewable natural resources and should be recycled to ensure their availability and affordability for our future generations.

Humane Solution

Now more than ever, millions of Americans are in desperate need of immediate help due to recent economic crisis, considered to be one of the worst in U.S. history, natural disasters that have devastated countless communities across our nation, and the sharp decline in charitable giving.

Alternative Solutions USA is in a very unique position to expand its historic, benevolent, and purposeful partnership with all segments of the death-care industry for the sole purpose of generating substantial and unprecedented funds for existing charitable organizations that are serving countless communities across our nation and extending to many needy Americans the possibility of a life with some measure of dignity.

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