Why Partner With Us?

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is extremely critical to our communities and should be our top priority because economic and social sustainability rely heavily on it. Recycling is obviously the cornerstone of environmental sustainability and our program will not only enable you to reduce the impact of your business activities on the environment, it can also help you multiply your positive impact on the environment by dedicating some or all of profits generated from recycling to supporting environmental charities that are playing a key role in protecting and preserving our environment.

Affiliation with Non-Profit

Americans are strongly and unequivocally opposed to the commercialization of recycling the left behind implants of their cremated loved ones. Crematories that never considered recycling before are now joining our program due to being non-profit, other privately and corporately owned crematories have cancelled their service with profit-driven recycling companies to join our non-profit recycling program and give back to their communities.

Releasing these metals to profit-driven recycling companies will generate very serious questions, challenges, and concerns about the fate of profits earned from recycling. By joining our non-profit program, you ensure that profits generated will be donated to charity, thus honoring the wishes of decedent's family members while giving back to your community.

Enhance Cremation Process

Recycling through our highly respected and award-winning recycling program, which has already earned the support and recognition of both the general public and the death-care industry, will definitely enhance the overall quality and image of your cremation process.

Records and Reports

Alternative Solutions USA will document every shipment received, types of metals recycled, their weight, total amount of funds generated, the amount of funds donated, and designated charity information for every member of our program. These records will be permanently saved in our database system and available upon request.

Donate Most Funds

We donate more funds to charity than any other implant recycling program serving the industry simply because profits generated through our recycling activities are dedicated to supporting existing charitable organizations as defined in our bylaws. Moreover, our eligibility to receive tax-exempt contributions, grants, and sponsorships that goes towards operating expenses, enable us to donate a high percentage of profits generated from recycling to charity.

Public Relations and Media Coverage

The media has shown significant interest in the altruistic alliance between Alternative Solutions USA and crematories nationwide due to the unprecedented positive impact of funds generated through this alliance on people and communities across our nation. Donations made to charitable organizations serving your community through our joint efforts will without any doubt generate very positive public relations and media coverage for your business establishment.

People and Community

Just like the death-care industry, Alternative Solutions USA is devoted to People and Community. Our mission is to bring about permanent change to the objectives of recycling at U.S. crematories and generate around 2 million dollars for charity every year on behalf of our cremated loved ones and the death care industry.

This ambitious and honorable goal will only become a reality if the 2000 + crematories nationwide joined our nation's first-of-its-kind non-profit crematory recycling program. Please do not underestimate the significance and urgency of our partnership. Every dollar donated provides 4 meals to those facing hunger in our communities. Millions of Americans are in desperate need of immediate help and you are in a very unique position to give back. Please stand with us!

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