Our Services

Recycle ALL Metals Together “Comingled”

Request our 10-gallon steel drum which takes up to 150 lbs. of metals and place all metals remaining after cremation inside drum. We guarantee accurate separation and the highest compensation for precious and non-precious metals included in your shipment.

Recycle Your Dental Materials “Separately”

The value of Precious Metals/Dental Materials remaining after cremation has SOARED to unprecedented, historic levels. Is it possible you are receiving thousands of dollars LESS for your dental materials? The unfortunate truth is: Absolutely! Give us a call to learn more about our unrivaled “Minimum Payout Guarantee”program for recycling your precious metals.

Recycle Metals That Are “Stored or Buried”

Our mobile team can help you retrieve, transport and recycle large quantities of stored or buried metals wherever they may be located at NO cost to you whatsoever. Compensation will be paid in any form desired.

Alternative Solutions USA was established in 2009 to exclusively serve the cremation industry. We fully understand the very sensitive nature of this industry and crematories participating in our program receive nothing short of Exceptional Customer Service, 100% Honesty, Transparency, Loyalty, Privacy and Confidentiality.