Our Mission

To provide America's funeral homes, crematories, and cemeteries an ethical, legal, environmental, and humane solution for recycling medical implants, dental prosthetics, and other metals recovered after the cremation process.

"Representatives of Alternative Solutions USA and Gardens Crematory present a $14,250.00 check to the Unforgettables Foundation generated through recycling stored implants and prosthetics"

Our Story

After the sudden death of his wife Julia, who was cremated in San Diego, California in December 1997, Ray Saadeh, founder and president of Alternative Solutions USA, developed a strong interest in the entire cremation process.

In 2008, while surfing the internet, Ray ran across a very detailed, straightforward, and impartial article about recycling at the crematory written by Mr. Paul Rahill (Environmental consultant to Cremation Association of North America - CANA). The "call to action" article heavily impacted him and eventually inspired the establishment of the nation's first and only 501(c)(3) non-profit medical implant recycling program in April 2010.

On the one hand, the article titled "Recycling Prosthetics Generates Environmental Ease" outlines the numerous environmental benefits of recycling orthopedic implants remaining after cremation. On the other hand, it stresses the need for introducing an industry-endorsed and publicly-accepted solution with regard to the distribution of profits remaining after paying for all recycling expenses.

Few weeks after reading the article, Mr. Saadeh embarked on a 2-year large-scale research into the process of recycling orthopedic implants and dental prosthetics recovered after cremation at hundreds of crematories across the nation. The research consisted of visiting several cremation facilities, speaking with crematory owners, consulting with CANA, and meeting with representatives from implant recycling companies serving the industry.

What he discovered was that crematories interested in protecting the environment had no choice but to utilize the services of profit-driven recycling companies that are donating little or nothing to charity from their substantial profits, something he found absolutely unacceptable especially that these metals are given away to recycling companies by participating crematories. A large percentage of crematory owners, however, declined to recycle, though environmentally irresponsible, due to the absence of a non-profit recycling option.

Realizing the urgency of introducing alternative recycling options for crematories nationwide, Mr. Saadeh decided to establish a first-of-its-kind non-profit implant recycling program in sync with industry's highest ethical standards, embraced by the American public, and designed to generate unprecedented funds for charitable organizations during these times of extreme economic hardship across our beloved nation.

Alternative Solutions USA is history in the making! We would love for every crematory across the nation to become part of this most honorable cause and help bring about permanent change to the objectives of recycling at U.S. crematories worthy of our modern society and reflective of our American values and ideals.

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