Fellow Americans,

Recycling the left behind medical implants and dental prosthetics of our cremated loved ones after the cremation process is an environmental necessity; however, the general consensus among decedent's family members and the general public is that these metals should be recycled strictly for charitable purposes and not for private gain or corporate profit.

Over the past many years, crematories interested in protecting our environment through recycling metals remaining after cremation had no choice but to utilize the services of for-profit implant recycling companies that are more focused on increasing their profits rather than giving back to the community. A large percentage of crematory owners, however, declined to recycle, though environmentally unfriendly, due to the absence of a non-profit recycling option.

The founding of the nation's first and only 501(c) (3) non-profit implant recycling program, Alternative Solutions USA, in April 2010 represents a significant milestone in the objectives of recycling metals recovered after the cremation process nationwide. Crematories that never considered recycling before are now joining our program due to being non-profit, other privately and corporately owned crematories have cancelled their service with other programs to join our mission and give back to their local communities.

The recycling of these metals must become an issue of great concern and interest for our nation because Americans have historically stood up for what is ethical, right, and fair. Donating profits generated from recycling the left behind implants and prosthetics of our cremated loved ones to charitable organizations serving our local communities, especially during these times of extreme economic hardship, is the RIGHT thing to do and we need your help to ensure that metals recovered at every crematory across the nation are recycled for charity.

How You Can Help

There are many ways you can become involved in this most honorable cause and help bring about a permanent change to the objectives of recycling at U.S. crematories worthy of our modern society and reflective of our American values and ideals.

1- Make a Donation

Your donation will enable us to:

  • Protect our environment and preserve our natural resources.
  • Educate the general public about the urgency of recycling metals recovered after cremation at crematories nationwide.
  • Attend local and national death-care industry conferences, conventions, and meetings to educate, raise awareness, and promote our mission.
  • Ensure that profits generated from recycling at crematories nationwide are donated to charitable organizations serving our local communities.

No donation is too small and all donations are used efficiently and wisely in helping us meet our mission.
Donations made to Alternative Solutions USA are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Our Federal EIN # is 27-2815559.

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Make An Online Donation

2- Volunteer Time and Talent
  • Create an advocacy group in your community aimed at raising awareness about recycling metals recovered after cremation at local crematories.
  • Help members of your community understand that recycling at the crematory is an environmental necessity.
  • Inform members of your community of the fact that recycling the left behind implants of our cremated beloveds generates substantial profits, and thus these metals must never be given away to profit-driven recycling companies.
  • Encourage members of your community to contact local funeral homes and crematories to express their support for non-profit recycling at the crematory and encourage them to explore our non-profit solution.
  • Contact your local media and request that they become involved in addressing this urgent and critical matter.
  • Share any ideas, suggestions, and recommendations that will help us spread the word and further extend our reach and impact.
3- Become a Board Member

Community-minded individuals interested in joining our board are encouraged to e-mail a letter of interest to: info@alternativesolutionsusa.net